sandstone tile flooring Sandstone tile could be a beautiful, durable addition to your North Jersey home. This natural stone brings unique grain patterns and a touch of warmth. [franchise_loation_name] is proud to connect North Jersey homeowners with sandstone tile flooring. Keep reading to discover if sandstone tile is perfect for your home!

Benefits of Sandstone

Visually Appealing

Sandstone is a distinct and sought-after flooring, largely for its visual appeal. This unique natural stone will bring elegance and beauty to your home. Sandstone is available in several stunning, natural shades, including brown, white, and gray. The wave-like pattern of sandstone can be enhanced with a polished finish, or given understated appeal with a honed finish.


Sandstone is one of the softer natural stones, and thus less durable than options such as granite or slate. When cared for correctly, however, sandstone is a long-lasting flooring option. Sandstone is still stone, and thus hard and durable. Sandstone will hold up well against heavy traffic and is ideal for areas such as entryways.

Sandstone is naturally porous, which makes it susceptible to water damage and stains. Acidic substances, in particular, can cause permanent discoloration in sandstone.


sandstone tile in north jersey

Sandstone is naturally sourced, like all natural stone. These origins give sandstone an entirely unique appearance, with subtle variations in pattern, texture, and color across every tile. Sandstone is also one of the more environmentally friendly flooring options, as it is not manufactured.

Where Can I Use Sandstone Tile?

The versatile appearance and elegance of sandstone make it an unexpected but ideal living room flooring. When treated for water-resistance, sandstone is also an excellent option for kitchens and outdoor areas. Sandstone will also perform well as a durable entryway flooring.

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