Granite Tile in ParamusGranite has been a valued resource for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used it in their sculpture and architecture, and today it has many uses ranging from tile flooring to optical bases used in engineering. Homeowners in the greater Mahwah, Paramus, Wayne, and North Jersey areas choose granite tile because of its durability and the value it adds to their homes. If you are thinking of installing granite tile in your home read on to see if it is the right choice for you.

What is Granite Tile?Granite Tile Samples in Paramus

Briefly jumping into geology, granite is part of the igneous rock group. Igneous rocks form from cooled magma, and they are split into two subdivisions: slow-cooling and fast-cooling. Fast cooling rocks will create a natural glass such as obsidian. But during the slow cooling process, the separate minerals will solidify at different temperatures. This causes the minerals to separate from each other and creates a very course-grained rock.

Granite is identified by its high quartz and feldspar mineral content. However, in the tile industry the term “granite” is taken more generally to mean rocks similar to granite. This means granite tile has a wide range of colors and textures ranging from multi-colored with visible grains to a single hue.

Uses for Granite Tile

Granite tile is very durable. It is a popular choice for kitchen counters and also works well as flooring for high traffic areas. Granite comes in two finishes: polished and honed. Polished granite has a reflective surface; this is the usual finish people think of when they imagine granite tiles. Honed granite, however, has a matte finish because it has not been buffed. Polished granite works well for a more elegant and formal look, whereas honed granite lends well to natural and casual looks.


Granite is a porous stone, meaning it is susceptible to damage if not sealed properly during installation. The installers at Floor Coverings International North Jersey are more than happy to take on this challenge for you.

With proper maintenance, granite tile can last for decades. We recommend resealing granite tile every two years. This can be done using a store bought sealer. For polished granite, we recommend re-polishing a couple times a year. For day-to-day cleaning use only pH-balanced cleaning solutions and do not use abrasive cleansers. This protects the finish on the tile.

Your Local Paramus Tile Experts

If you are interested in installing granite tile in your Paramus home, call Floor Coverings International North Jersey and schedule a free in-home estimate. Our design associates will help you decide on the best granite option. We bring samples straight to your door using our mobile flooring showroom.

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