white oak hardwood entryway in WayneFor many years, oak hardwood flooring has been the most popular species used in North America. It’s widely available and is a lower cost option. In fact, red oak is used as a standard when comparing the Janka hardness of various wood species. White oak is very similar to red oak but has slight differences in hardness, coloring, and grain pattern. If you are considering this flooring option for your Wayne home, read on to learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International North Jersey.

About White Oak Hardwood

white oak is used to make wine barrels

White oak is a domestic species with a Janka hardness rating of 1360 (which is slightly harder than red oak’s rating of 1290). White oak’s durability is one reason why it’s so popular. In fact, this wood has been used for centuries in boat building and wine barrels.

White oak heartwood has light brown coloring, while the sapwood has white or cream coloring. The wood looks very similar to red oak. However, red oak—as the name implies—has pinkish undertones, while white oak has golden brown or gray undertones.

White oak has a consistent grain pattern with smooth swirls, whereas red oak’s graining is more defined. If you want to conceal dents and scratches, red oak’s busier grain pattern will do well. However, if you are looking for a less-busy look, then you’ll probably prefer white oak.

White Oak Product Variation

white oak hardwood with high gloss

The harder grain in white oak allows it to stain very easily. This provides a wide range of color options to consider, including black, brown, red-brown, and gray. Between planks, white oak displays moderate color variation, though this is typical for hardwoods.

For additional variation, choose from several plank width styles. Strip sizes have widths below 3”, while standard plank pieces have widths between 3–4 ¾”. Wide plank options—which have increased in popularity—have widths of 5” and up, and mixed width choices are also available.

Lastly, white oak hardwood comes in different textures and gloss levels. Hand scraped, distressed, wire brushed, and smooth textures provide different looks to suit any style. High, medium, and low glosses allow a polished or matte finish.

Your Local Wayne Hardwood Experts

The best way to choose new hardwood floors is by viewing samples in your own home. See which flooring works best with your home’s lighting, style, and décor. At Floor Coverings International North Jersey, we offer complimentary, in-home design consultations with our mobile flooring showroom. Schedule today!

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