Floor Coverings International North Jersey is here to help Wayne homeowners with all their flooring needs! With so many different types of hardwood, it can be hard to pick the right one for your home. If you’re considering installing hardwood floors, then read on to discover if unfinished hardwood is the right fit for you.

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring in Wayne Floor Coverings International North Jersey

What is Unfinished Hardwood?

Unfinished hardwood, as opposed to prefinished, is not stained and sanded off-site, but is instead installed in a home and then finished. Depending on the size of the flooring area, this type of installation process tends to require that homeowners vacate the premises for a few days while the wood is finished and the fumes and dust are still circulating. While the installation process is a little more arduous than it is with other types of hardwood, there are many benefits to using unfinished wood flooring in your home.

Benefits of Unfinished Hardwood

Unfinished hardwood has the ability to be re-sanded and refinished multiple times over its lifetime. Because the type of finish that is applied to unfinished hardwood is not as strong as finishes used on other types of hardwoods, it becomes easier to re-sand and refinish as time goes on. If you are looking to change up the color of your hardwood every few years, then unfinished is the way to go.

Because of the way unfinished hardwood is installed, custom elements, such as medallions and in-lays, can be easily applied to its surface. This is again great for homeowners who want to be able to personalize their space.

In that same vein, unfinished hardwood supplies endless design possibilities, as it is available in an unlimited number of wood species. Other hardwood flooring options are not always available in every type of wood due to issues concerning supply and demand, as well as the usability of the wood. With unfinished hardwood, you can find the perfect wood species to fit your personal taste and budget.

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