hardwood stair recapping mahwahHere at Floor Coverings International North Jersey, we love helping homeowners renovate their homes to match their style and needs. One of the simplest yet most impactful flooring projects a homeowner can undertake is staircase recapping. Read below to learn what this process entails and how it could benefit your Mahwah home!

What is Stair Recapping?

Stair recapping is the process of replacing the surface of a staircase with new hardwood. In many cases, homeowners opt to remove old or outdated carpeting from their staircase to replace it with the hardwood of their choice. The staircase often takes up a lot of visual space, so recapping your staircase with beautiful, new hardwood is a relatively small project that will make a huge stylistic difference.

Benefits of Hardwood Recapping

Carpet is a popular option for stair coverings because it muffles footsteps, provides traction, and softens accidental falls. However, there are many reasons why Mahwah homeowners are removing their staircase carpeting in favor of hardwood.

First of all, hardwood is long lasting, durable, and timeless. When it comes to interior design, it is difficult to go wrong with hardwood. We have countless different hardwood species to choose from, and our design associate can help you choose the right wood, stain, and finish to match the existing style and furniture in your home. A hardwood staircase will never go out of style, and it is an easy way to instantly update your home.

This being said, it’s no surprise that a hardwood staircase is a wonderful way to increase your home’s resale value. Homebuyers love hardwood because it is traditional and versatile, so it will appeal to many people’s styles. Homebuyers can also be leery of old carpet because it can trap smells and grime. Recapping your staircase with hardwood is one of the smaller renovation projects you can undertake to instantly boost your home’s resale value!

Hardwood Staircase Recapping Processhardwood samples mahwah

The process of recapping your staircase is easy. We will start with a free, in-home design consultation. Our design associate will come to your home with over 3,000 flooring samples and will help you find a few hardwood choices that will match your existing interior design. After choosing your preferred hardwood surface, we will remove your existing staircase carpet and replace it with your new flooring choice.

Some homeowners choose to update their staircase balusters at the same time for a fully renewed look. We have laminate hardwood and engineered hardwood options for those interested in the hardwood look for a smaller price tag. We can also explore the option of using a carpet runner to protect your new hardwood without completely hiding it.

Get Started in Mahwah Today

Recapping your staircase with new hardwood flooring is an easy process that will make a big difference in your Mahwah home! Contact Floor Coverings International North Jersey today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you get started on your recapping project. We proudly serve Mahwah, Paramus, Wayne, and North Jersey and surrounding areas.


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