Wool Carpet in Paramus

Here in North Jersey, we’re used to hot summers and cold winters. One great way to prepare your home for the drop and rise of temperatures is by using wool carpeting. Wool fiber acts as an excellent insulator for your Paramus home, and maintaining proper warmth is just one of the many benefits of this luxury carpeting.

Benefits of Wool Fiber

Wool is a natural fiber that is both biodegradable and renewable, making it an eco-friendly flooring material. Wool’s molecular structure gives it several other benefits. It is a natural flame retardant and acts as an excellent insulator. With wool carpeting, you can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer all while spending less money on your heating and air conditioning.

Wool fiber is soft yet durable. It has a natural elasticity that resists crushing from foot traffic and furniture. Its soft and springy feel underfoot provides a unique comfort unmatched by other carpeting materials.

Resisting Stains and Soiling

Wool also naturally resists soiling and staining. The denseness of the fibers keeps dirt at the top of the carpet pile, allowing it to be vacuumed easily. Additionally, each fiber has a protective outer layer that resists liquid penetration.

All carpeting resists staining somewhat, and now there are synthetic options that resist staining better than wool. However, the difference is that wool resists staining naturally whereas synthetic carpet fibers must be treated with a protective coating. Also wool repels oil stains while other fibers tend to attract oils.

Carpeting & Allergies

For those struggling with allergies, wool carpeting may be beneficial given proper maintenance. Wool is a hypoallergenic fiber that does not promote dust mites or the growth of bacteria. Since it is a natural fiber, wool carpeting can be manufactured without dyes and other synthetic chemicals. For those concerned with in-home toxins, this is an excellent flooring alternative. Additionally, wool fibers are too long to be inhaled, making it a good carpet option for people with asthma.


Regular vacuuming is recommended to maintain wool carpeting. Vacuum at least once a week, but more often for well-trafficked areas. While vacuuming, set the height of the brush roll to barely touch the face of the carpet rather than brush deep into the pile. Change vacuum bags regularly to maintain proper suction. Besides vacuuming, liquid spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent staining.


Wool carpeting comes with a few challenges. Besides being a higher cost option, wool can also fade in sunlight. Occasionally rearranging furniture is one recommendation to diminish fade lines along with the use of proper window coverings. Wool also naturally absorbs water, making it prone to mold growth. Wool carpeting is not recommended for moist household areas such as bathrooms or basements.

Get Started in Paramus Today

If you are unsure whether or not wool carpeting is the right choice for your Paramus home, call the local experts at Floor Coverings International North Jersey. We partner with national carpet manufacturers to bring you a wide range of options. Our design experts can help you determine the best flooring option for your home. We’ll bring samples straight to you in our mobile showroom. We proudly serve the greater Mahwah, Paramus, Wayne, and North Jersey areas.

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