wayne flooringThe holiday season is a time many associate with family, friends, and holiday gatherings. Despite the holiday cheer, there’s no denying that the weather here in Wayne takes a turn for the worse this time of year as well. Stay warm and prepare your home for gatherings this season with help from our experts at Floor Coverings International North Jersey!

Flooring Fixes for Warmth

Different flooring materials have different insulating qualities. For example, tile and stone are highly conductive, meaning that heat readily escapes through them, leaving your feet cold and your energy bill high. Carpet and cork, on the other hand, are two very good insulators, as they trap heat and help to preserve the temperature in your room.

Use area rugs to cover up tile and stone for improved insulation this year. Go with wool rugs for the best insulation – these fibers are known for their softness and warmth! Or, if you’re looking for a more permanent fix, look at installing cork tiles or luxury vinyl flooring with a cork underlayment. Luxury vinyl can be installed over an existing floor, making this an easy yet effective flooring fix during the busy holiday season.

Protect Floors Against Weather

Muddy shoes and dripping clothes can pose threats to your flooring – especially carpets and hardwood. Protect your floors from water damage by first bolstering your entryway. Use a bristly doormat outside to scrape debris off of shoes, and use a more absorbent doormat inside to wick moisture away from shoes and dripping clothes.

If your entryway is due for an update, give yourself the gift of new floors this holiday season! Wood-look tile and luxury vinyl plank are two very popular entryway-flooring choices because they are very durable and water resistant. These hardwood alternatives look just like real wood, but are easier to maintain!

Prepare For Gatheringsflooring wayne

For homeowners, the holidays are often a time for hosting. Whether you’re throwing a holiday party or having family over for the weekend, you’ll want to take a few extra precautions to guard your floors against shoes and spills. In addition to bolstering your entryway with doormats, consider including a shoe shelf to encourage guests to remove their shoes before tracking grime into your home.

Use area rugs or runners in high traffic areas to protect floors from spills and stains, especially in rooms where food and drink will be served. For extra protection, consider refinishing your hardwoods or resealing your tile floors. Doing so helps to protect these floors from surface scratches and stains. A floor that has lost its finish or sealant could become permanently damaged from a bad spill. Resealing these floors before your guests come over could save you the trouble of having to replace damaged planks or tiles after the party!

Get Started in Wayne Today

Preparing your home for holiday gatherings and winter weather is easy with these tips from Floor Coverings International North Jersey! Contact us today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect flooring solution for your Wayne home. We proudly serve the greater Mahwah, Paramus, Wayne, and North Jersey areas.

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