Laminate flooring was a popular choice among Paramus homeowners last year, and it looks like its popularity will continue to increase in 2019. Part of the reason for this growth is that while laminate flooring has always been recognized for its affordability, it’s now gaining a reputation as a stylish option too. Here’s a look at a few examples of where and how designers are using laminate flooring in some very chic and creative ways.

laminate flooring in Paramus

Bringing Contrast to Living Rooms

Dark, extra-wide laminate plank is a popular choice for use with the more vibrant colors that are appearing in the art and furniture found in many living rooms. A floor with a deep walnut hue creates a subdued backdrop, allowing other design elements like stark white couches and colorful coffee tables to stand out.

Aside from the aesthetics, laminate’s ability to endure in high-traffic areas has also made it a popular choice for living rooms.

laminate flooring in Paramus bathroom

A New Take on a Classic Look

Quite a few designers are excited about the modern take on art deco that has begun to emerge this year. One way this look can be achieved is by limiting colors to the modern look of greyscale and combining the simple, sharp angles of a checker-patterned floor with fixtures that have the sweeping lines found in art deco.

Laminate flooring Colors in Paramus

“Statement Flooring”

One of the more noticeable design trends of 2019 is to let your personality shine through in the décor throughout the house. One example of this personalization is using a patterned flooring to serve as a focal point in what is often referred to as a statement floor. Because they set the tone for the entire house, entryways are one area seeing a lot of personalization in the form of statement flooring. Laminate is available in a wide variety of designs and colors. So, if you want to give your floor a personal touch, laminate offers you many ways to do it.

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