Carpet Flooring MahwahWhen it comes to comfort, people generally look towards throw pillows, rugs, or even radiant heating to achieve coziness in their Mahwah home. However, choosing the right type of floor is one of the most effective ways to maximize the comfort of your space. There are many comfortable flooring options available here at Floor Coverings International North Jersey, so in order to make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite floors for bringing comfort to your Mahwah home.


It probably goes without saying that carpet is one of the coziest types of flooring out there. However, some types of carpet are better than others at providing softness and cushion underfoot. Nylon fiber carpets will be your best bet for a soft yet durable floor. Stick to cut fibers like frieze or Saxony for the softest surface. Wool is another incredibly comfortable fiber option. Wool is not only soft and incredibly warm, but it is also eco-friendly. Install this as a broadloom carpet, or warm your existing floors with wool rugs.

Cork Flooring

Cork is renowned for the many wonderful benefits it offers as a natural flooring type. This eco-friendly, hypoallergenic floor is often chosen for the comfort it provides underfoot. Cork is filled with tiny air bubbles that make it very cushiony and well insulated. Unlike carpet, cork is relatively easy to clean and won’t absorb spills right away. This makes it a better choice for the kitchen or play area. However, cork flooring is not waterproof so keep it out of the bathroom and basement.

Rubber Flooring

While rubber is most commonly found in commercial spaces, homeowners are beginning to warm up to this incredible flooring option. Unlike cork or carpet, rubber flooring is highly water resistant. It is a great choice for bathrooms, basements, or utility rooms. Rubber is also known for its resiliency. Not only will it keep your joints from hurting after long periods of standing, but its springiness could also save a dropped dish from breaking. More styles of rubber flooring are becoming available, so bringing rubber into residential settings is becoming more and more popular.

Linoleum and Vinyl

Linoleum and vinyl are two very different types of floors, as the first is all-natural and the second is synthetic. However, they both look and feel similar underfoot. Sheet linoleum and sheet vinyl are highly pliable and will be very comfortable when installed over a thick padding or cork backing. Many linoleum tiles and luxury vinyl tiles already come with a cork backing so will be comfortable no matter where you install them. Go with vinyl in moisture-prone rooms, or choose natural linoleum for a hypoallergenic and chemical-free flooring choice.

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