Carpeted stairs in North Jersey

There are many benefits to having carpet flooring on your stairs. They add safety, softness, and create a beautiful finished look to your North Jersey home. However, since we know that stairs receive the highest amount of foot traffic in a home, how do we choose which carpet to use? At Floor Coverings International North Jersey, our customers trust our knowledge and expertise when it comes to flooring. We’ve compiled a few considerations to help you choose the carpet best suited for your stairs below.


First and foremost, the durability of a carpet is crucial when it comes to covering stairs. Several factors contribute to a carpet’s durability, such as density, pile length, and material.

Density and pile length go hand in hand when it comes to wear patterns and longevity. Denser carpets have fibers that are closer together, which tend to be better in high-traffic areas. A dense carpet with a long pile, however, will tend to show more wear than a shorter pile. A short pile will also trap less dirt and debris than a longer pile, an added benefit in a tough-to-clean space.


While thicker carpets provide a softer surface than thinner alternatives, a carpet that is too thick can increase slipperiness and make a staircase more dangerous. Thicker carpeting will also be more difficult to install and can look unfinished around the edge, or nosing, of the stair steps. Furthermore, a thinner carpet doesn’t have to mean poor quality or a hard surface. Some of the thinnest carpets are some of the most durable, and when paired with the right carpet pad, make an excellent choice for your stairs. This includes Berber, which looks beautiful on stairs and can last years without needing replacement.


When it comes to style, there are many options that will work on stairs. Just be sure to look for carpets with heavier yarn, denser fibers, and a tighter weave for added longevity. The design of your stairs themselves can have an impact on which material you choose to cover them. If your staircase is open on one or both sides, a higher quality carpet that won’t show the backing when bent around corners and edges will be necessary.

If you are considering carpet flooring for your home, call Floor Coverings International North Jersey today to schedule a free, in-home design consultation. Our flooring experts serve the greater Mahwah, Paramus, Wayne, and North Jersey areas and are ready to help you find your dream flooring!

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