Carpet Color MahwahWhen it comes to carpet, neutral colors like beige, tan, and gray are by far the most popular. While a non-offensive earth tone may be the best choice for someone planning to sell their home in the near future, long-term homeowners should consider taking advantage of the countless color options available to them.

The design associates at Floor Coverings International North Jersey know how big of an impact the colors of your floors can have on the feeling of your room. The right color choice can make a room feel bigger, warmer, or more energetic. Whether you want to install colorful carpeting or just want to incorporate a bright new rug, take a look at the tips below to determine how to set the tone in your Mahwah home!

Visually Expand Your Room

If your room is cramped or small, you may wish to somehow visually increase the size of your space. Choose a light colored carpet or rug to achieve this feat. A lighter neutral will especially be your friend here, as it won’t distract the eye like a colorful or patterned carpet may. The opposite is true of dark shades. A darker carpet or rug will make the space feel smaller, so save those colors for rooms that don’t already feel cramped

Carpet Colors for Coziness

You may have heard of colors being referred to as “warm” or “cold”. When you look at the color wheel, you can split the wheel in half to distinguish between these two color categories. Warm colors include shades of red, orange, and yellow, while cold colors include purples, blues, and greens.

If your goal is to create a warm and cozy room, you’ll likely want to stick to warmer colors. A yellow rug can brighten up your kitchen, or a deep red rug can bring warmth to your bedroom. If you want to stick to neutrals then choose redder earth tones like brown or beige to achieve warmth. Use cool colors like gray or blue for a fresh or sleek look.

Use Colors to Affect Mood

Color is commonly thought to be able to impact a person’s mood, too. If you are seeking to create a relaxing bedroom or soothing bathroom, stick to blues and greens. Blue is believed to produce a calming effect and to decrease the heart rate. Green is considered to be a soothing color that symbolizes health and renewal.

If your goal is to increase appetite or boost energy then go with reds or yellows. Red is commonly used in restaurants because it known for increasing appetite and energy, so use this color in the kitchen or dining room. Yellow is known for conveying energy and happiness, so use it to brighten up your office or a child’s play area. As a bonus color, try to incorporate purple in a formal dining room or art room. This color symbolizes sophistication and stimulates the imagination.

Get Started in Mahwah Today

The color and shade of your carpet can greatly impact how your room feels. If you need some help selecting the perfect color for your new carpet or area rug, call Floor Coverings International North Jersey and schedule your free, in-home design consultation. We proudly serve the greater Mahwah, Paramus, Wayne, and North Jersey areas.

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