berber carpet north jersey If you are looking to update the flooring in your North Jersey home, look no further than Berber carpeting. Berber consists of a dense and tightly looped pile that creates a delicate pattern. The term “Berber carpet” refers to the unique looping technique developed by the Berber people of North Africa. We love Berber carpet here at Floor Coverings International North Jersey and have three reasons why you should love it too.

1. It’s Affordable

Berber is reasonably priced compared to other carpeting options. It is cheaper to manufacture due to its uncomplicated nature. All carpets begin looped and most styles have the loops trimmed off to give it a frizzy feel. However, Berber leaves the loops intact making it easier to produce. Even higher quality Berbers, which we advise for living spaces of the home, are more affordable alternatives to other premium carpeting choices.


berber carpet north jersey2. It’s Versatile 

Berber carpet can be made from a wide variety of materials. Olefin, nylon, and wool are the most typical fibers used for this kind of carpeting. Olefin tends to be cheaper but not as comfortable as other choices. We often recommend families choose wool for their homes, as it is hypoallergenic, natural, and softer than synthetic options. Berber comes in neutral tones like ivory, tan, and brown that fit nicely in any space. Further, it can come in flecked versions where a combination of dark and light colors creates a textured look.


3. It’s Long Lasting & Durable

The tightly woven threading of Berber makes it more resistant to stains. Spilled liquids will reliably stay on the surface for a quick and easy clean up. Since it can be more susceptible to snagging, make sure you are careful to trim pet nails and gentle when you are moving heavy furniture. That being said, it is still an ideal carpeting choice for busy families and homes. A high quality variety of Berber carpet will be made from materials that are durable and less prone to snagging. For areas of your North Jersey home that are well lived in, opt for a softer and higher quality Berber.


To find out more about our selection of Berber carpeting, call Floor Coverings International North Jersey today! Our friendly flooring experts offer complimentary consultations and a visit to your North Jersey home from our mobile showroom. We offer a wide selection of carpeting to choose from and will walk you through the entire process, from free quotes to installation.


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Photo Credit: David Hughes, Artazum